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The Righteous

All people are born with a “clean slate” in the category of the righteous. God is righteous, and every person is created in His image. This is where a person begins: innocent and undefiled.
Although all people are born with a tendency to sin, they are also born with a conscience and the ability to obey it. This takes an act of the will. It takes determined effort to live by one’s will. A righteous person would never say that he is righteous. Humility and self-doubt are qualities they possess. They care for their neighbors as they would for themselves. They do not tear down others, but strengthen them. They are not partial. They are fair. It’s important to them to keep a good conscience and maintain their integrity. Deep inside, they know there will be a judgment. They know they are accountable for what they do. The righteous conduct their lives in anticipation of that day.
In marriage, a righteous man will work hard and honestly to provide for his family1Genesis 3:19, Job 14:14. He loves his wife and children and will sacrifice his pleasure for their welfare. He respects the image of God in others, and therefore believes a murderer should be executed2Genesis 9:6, voting only for candidates of public office who uphold capital punishment3Genesis 9:6, Romans 1:32. A righteous woman trustingly submits to her husband as head of the family, and her desire is for him, to build him up. She bears the pain of childbirth not attempting to escape the pain of delivery and continues to bond with and care for her children as they grow up4Genesis 3:16. This produces secure children who know they are loved.
People like this genuinely care about others and treat them fairly and respectfully. They do what is good, not to be noticed, but because they value goodness.
There are only a few truly righteous people left. Society does not make much room for them today. They are not going to hell, as many Christians think, simply because they did not believe in Jesus. They probably would have believed if they had heard about Him from someone who really knew Him. By their good deeds, the righteous made themselves worthy of a second life in the eternal kingdom of the nations. Righteous men and women must (and can) pay for their own sins in the first death5Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:13-15 Their names ...continue, but comfort awaits them after the judgment6Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 21:3-4 – As the ...continue.
They will be Righteous Still…  Forever and Ever…

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