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The Holy

The term “Holy” means: to be set apart for a special purpose.
Those who obey the good news of Yahshua’s salvation are set apart for Him and His purpose. The holy people dwell in communities. These are special places He has established where they can live a pure life, separate from the evil influences that permeate the world.
This does not mean they live on isolated compounds out in the woods. No, they live in towns and cities. They have neighbors that they can be kind to, and with whom they can share the hope they have found.
The category of the Holy is made up mostly of those who were once filthy and unjust…  A few might have been righteous. These are people who longed to love and be loved. When they came in contact with someone who had the love of God in his heart, they responded. They joyfully gave up all they had (both materially and spiritually — their former religions and philosophies) to follow Yahshua.
They distribute their possessions to those who have needs within the community of the Holy. For this reason, there is no rich or poor among them. They spend their time, energy, and gifts caring for their brothers and sisters. They no longer live for themselves…
This love among a people will be the evidence of God’s Love and Power to all the nations.  It demonstrates to the world the power God has to restore and purify people from their sin — the selfishness that divides all people from each other and from Him.  Because they experience love and forgiveness, they are able to offer it to others. That is their life’s purpose:  to love one another just as the Son of God loved them.
The spiritual reality of the holy is that they have become God’s dwelling place. By their response to His call to forsake all and follow Him, they have made themselves worthy to be His Body on the Earth. They will be His representatives to the Righteous people of the Nations throughout Eternity…
They will be Holy Still…  Forever and Ever…


The views expressed on the "3 Eternal Destinies of Man" website reflect those of the Twelve Tribes communities. The Twelve Tribes communities are a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of many self-governing communities.

By communities, we mean multiple families and single people living together in homes and on farms in many locations around the world for the sole purpose of doing the will of God. We are disciples of Yahshua the Son of God and live the pattern of the early church as described in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Testaments. We love one another, sharing all things in common that we would be made perfectly one. Come and See!

"Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your deeds. Your deeds form your habits. Your habits set your character, and your character determines your Eternal Destiny..."
"Your ideas build your concepts. Your concepts form your opinions. Your opinions guide your judgments. However you judge is how you will be judged..."