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Where did the Constitution come from?

Where Did the Constitution Come From?


What Happens when Church and State Mix?


A Chorus of men and women of various races and backgrounds assembles on the stage area.

The Leader of the Chorus steps forward and introduces the skit.


LEADER: Please come and join us. We are from the Twelve Tribes Communities and we would like to welcome you to our play. The name of our play is “Where Did the Constitution Come From?” It is a play about freedom – something most people take for granted today in America. But, do you know what happens to freedom when religion and politics mix? Do you know what happens? We hope to show you through the characters in our play and the events that took place in their lives, what REALLY DOES HAPPEN when the church and state mix.

Please be sure to get one of these programs that are being handed out now. In the back of the program you will find references for the quotations used in our play. The words and events that are about to unfold before you actually took place. You can find these characters and their words and actions recorded in history. They have a story to tell and those who have ears to hear can learn from what they went through. For history will only repeat itself when men and women do not learn from its mistakes. So, we invite you to make yourselves comfortable for the next half hour and watch our play. Listen carefully to the words of these men from the past. Take note of the outcome of their lives, and hopefully learn from history’s mistakes. Thank you for joining us. We hope you find our play interesting.

Musical introduction (Shenandoah) sets a mood of anticipation.




A young woman in a nice dress and straw sun hat enters from behind the audience.


CHRISTIAN GIRL: I know! I’ve always been told that the freedom of worship, the freedom of speech, and all our other precious freedoms were handed down to us from the rich tradition of Christianity. Why, everybody knows that the Constitution was written by our Christian forefathers. I just read about it in this Christian literature from Focus on the Family. It says:

The Constitution was designed to perpetuate a Christian order…. This really was a Christian nation, and as far as its founders were concerned, to try separating Christianity from government is virtually impossible and would result in unthinkable damage to the nation and its people. Much of the damage we see around us must be attributed to this separation.1John Eldredge and Greg Jesson, The Community ...continue


A man in work clothes steps forward from the edge of the audience and speaks.


NON-CHRISTIAN: Excuse me. I don’t consider myself a Christian, but I am an American. And when I hear things like what you just read – about America being Christian – I get concerned. Really concerned. Because I consider it my Constitutional right as an American that I don’t have to be Christian if I don’t want to.

CHRISTIAN GIRL: Oh, we Christians certainly don’t want to take away the rights of others. Why, if it wasn’t for the Christian Church and Christian organizations like this one, (holding up literature) human rights wouldn’t even exist!


NON-CHRISTIAN: (crossing to her) Do you mind if I take a look at that?


CHRISTIAN GIRL: Please do! It’s from Focus on the Family. They’re Christian. They’re a really big organization…


NON-CHRISTIAN: (crossing to her) So, what’s this stuff here? It says the Supreme Court ruled that “the federal government… was responsible to enforce civil laws according to orthodox Christian standards”? And this here: “…we could cite for you case after case where the U.S. Supreme Court defended… the Gospel of Jesus Christ”? And this: “…the court found that an attack on Jesus Christ was punishable as an offense against the United States of America”?2 So what does this mean? Are they saying that I should be punished if I’m not Christian?


CHRISTIAN GIRL: Let me see that…


VOICE #1: (a member of the Chorus) Is freedom really a Christian tradition?


VOICE #2: What did the Early Church Fathers think?


VOICE #3: What are the facts of history?


Droning organ music plays. Enter from stage right a masked figure with a tall white mitre hat, and a sign around his neck, which reads, “SAINT AUGUSTINE.”


CHORUS: Listen to the words of Saint Augustine.


VOICE #1: Spoken 1500 years ago!


VOICE #2: He is called the “Father of Western Christianity.”


VOICE #3: He shaped Christian thinking more than anyone else in history.


AUGUSTINE: What… is worse for the soul than the freedom to be in error?3 The Christian Emperor… thought it well… to bring those who [were] against the cause of Christ into the unity of the Catholic Church, even by terror and compulsion…4 The heretics [however]… are unwilling to be compelled. They say, “Let us come in, of our own good will.” But this is not the Lord’s order! He says, “Compel them to come in.”5 Let compulsion be found outside, the will shall arise within.6


CHRISTIAN GIRL: What is he saying? He isn’t talking about forcing people to believe… is he?


NON-CHRISTIAN: He sure is! He said, “by terror and compulsion…”


CHRISTIAN GIRL: But, isn’t that unjust? Isn’t that persecution?


Scriptural References and Other Footnotes   [ + ]


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